Dear Everyone.

This movie's on YouTube, seen it once, want my g/f to see it, can't recall its name.

The hero drinks stuff to go to a wasteland on the way to Heaven, where there's one town run by a baddie called The Hat. While he's unconscious, in our world, he's looked after by a vicar/priest character, mainly in an old church. He gets into the other world usually through the ground, as though coming up through a grave, except in the other world not here.

The killer character in the movie is a doll with a woman's spirit inside her. I THINK she's stop-frame, MIGHT be CGI, but she falls in love with the hero and does her best to help him get his g/f back. The end's lovely, but very sad. The hero gets captured by The Hat, tied up in The Hat's fightong ground - and the doll wanders quietly into the arena. The Hat goes - words to this effect, I can't remember the precise script - 'Oh, no, not you again. Why are you here?"
"To rescue him."
And The Hat picks her up. "What can you do?"
"Actually, I'm the bomb!" And the camera pulls back, and she explodes, and finishes off The Hat and his men, and the hero wakes up and his g/f's breathing again.

There's also a fight scene in the middle between the hero and a kickass monster, in The Hat's town too. And I REALLY didn't want the doll to do that, in fact I remember reaching out to the screen to stop her from blowing herself up (dumb or what!?!)

The whole thing's TOTALLY Clint Eastwood meets Orpheus in the Underworld, or Pilgrim's Progress, or the legend of Lot (who got turned into a pillar of salt in the Bible, same legend as Orpheus but with a Christian wrapper on!) and the hero's played by the director - can't remember his name either, aargh!

Anyone seen it on YouTube or anywhere? If it helps, the director/hero makes himself look as Clint Eastwood-like as someone who bears no resemblance to Clint can do!

Yours hopefully