Pixar's: The Incredibles.


Has anyone heard of this yet? It looks hilarious.

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Before showing Finding Nemo they showed the trailer to The Incredibles. It does look hilarious. I love the retired superhero with a love belly having trouble with his utiliy belt.

I hope Pixar/Disney will have another winner on their hands.

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November 5 is almost here... is it coming out for sure?

Whoops... November 5, 2004. My bad.
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This movie does look really funny. I can't wait until it comes out!

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Hysterical trailer! I will have to see it opening day. Um, I'm just pointing this out, (Not making any point at all.) but the James Bond OHMSS theme is in the back round, just thought that was pretty neat, don't know why....

I seriously cannot believe how gorgeous the animation for this looks. I love Pixar!
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Originally Posted by jrs
All of this looks great -- the trailer's funny as hell.

Anyone seen this live action short for the film?? I found it a while ago, and thought it was funny:

click here

Wow, Pixar is quickly becoming my favorite movie studio.
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Looks like it'll be the best yet. I just hope they don't give it a cheesy ending though.
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No way -- have you not seen the newest trailer -- this looks great. A lot of the same adult humor that Pixar is quickly becoming known for.

This is a new twist on the many super hero films we've gotten over the past few years.

ahhhhhh- One of the really great things about my childhood I can say I grew up watching Pixar. I want an 'The Incredible's' t-shirt, but just with every movie they turn out I won't get one. Pooey.
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Knowing my kids, I will be seeing this film it's looks hilarious and I think that's Tom Hanks voice as the character in the red suit. We saw the preview looks like it will be released around Nov. 4, 2004,, that is around my niece's birthday which will mean that this will be a movie she would love to see.
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'fraid Tom Hanks isnt the main character (i assume thats the 'guy in the red suit' you mean) some d00de called Craig T Nelson, but it does have Sam Jackson in it

Originally Posted by Pyro Tramp
'fraid Tom Hanks isnt the main character (i assume thats the 'guy in the red suit' you mean) some d00de called Craig T Nelson, but it does have Sam Jackson in it

Here's the full cast for The Incredibles:

Brad Bird ... Edna (voice)
Holly Hunter ... Helen Parr/Elastigirl (voice)
Samuel L. Jackson ... Lucius Best/Frozone (voice)
Jason Lee ... Syndrome/Incrediboy (voice)
Craig T. Nelson ... Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible (voice)
John Ratzenberger ... (voice)
Wallace Shawn ... Buddy Pine (voice)
Sarah Vowell ... Violet Parr (voice)