Young Frankenstein Problems


Hey Laurie, is there anyway you could contact 20th century fox and tell them to make a working young frankenstein dvd. i have a philips dvd711, i put it in, it says read, and about 20 seconds later the disc drawer opens. i've gone through 7 copies already and i tryed them all on my friends player as well, but they still didnt work. he's got a philips 750 or something like that. maybe it's just not philips compatible.

If I remember correctly, this DVD was incompatible with Phillips, Sony 7700, and Apex players. I want to say that Fox was going to do a re-press and that second generation discs should be fine. I can't remember exactly though. I'll check at work this week.
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Hi there,

I just bought this DVD, and my Phillips 825 refuses to play it. Unfortunately, until this problem came up, I hadn't heard of this forum.

At any rate, I was wondering if you knew any more about a replacement disk for this movie? Or, should I just see if the store is willing to replace it with a different title?

Thanks in advance for any help on this problem.....

I would contact Phillips for a firmware upgrade. Here's the number 1-800-326-6586.

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I cannot play some of the special features, notably the Outtakes, which I was really looking forward to. I am playing this from a Playstation 2, and Young Frankenstein is the only movie DVD I've had problems playing. It seems like the DVD wasn't produced correctly (at least it wasn't compatibility-tested).

PlayStation 2 has had more problems than it's worth really. Through work, we've come across over 300 titles that are incompatible. Unfortunately, it's impossible to check ever title against ever player, so incompatibilities happen often.