Motherless Brooklyn (2019)


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A New York City firefighter lost his life Thursday night when a fire broke out on the set of “Motherless Brooklyn,” the new film from director Edward Norton. 37-year-old Michael R. Davidson, a father of four, received critical injuries while fighting a five-alarm-fire, the New York City Fire Department told Variety. He had been in the FDNY for 15 years, and was cited for bravery four times.

The fire occurred in the basement of a Harlem apartment building around 11 p.m. Thursday night, during filming of the upcoming film. Based on the novel by Jonathan Lethem, “Motherless Brooklyn” stars Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Leslie Mann, and Willem Dafoe. It is being produced by Warner Bros.

Norton and the film’s producers issued a statement once they heard about Davidson’s death:
“To our great sorrow, we now know that a NYC firefighter lost his life battling the blaze that grew, and our hearts ache in solidarity with his family. New York City firefighters truly are the bravest in the world. We watched firsthand with astonishment as they charged into the smoke to make sure all were safely out and then fought to contain the blaze and prevent it from spreading, putting their lives on the line as they do every day.”
Well ****, that's just sad.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Edward Norton
Writers: Jonathan Lethem (novel), Edward Norton
Stars: Bruce Willis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton, Leslie Mann, Michael Kenneth Williams
Set against the backdrop of 1950s New York, Motherless Brooklyn follows Lionel Essrog, a lonely private detective afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome, as he ventures to solve the murder of his mentor and only friend, Frank Minna.

A detective story directed and starring Edward Norton. The cast looks pretty cool too.

I'm the biggest Ed Norton fan so I'm definitely looking forward for this one.
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OMG, I agree, jabs. So tragic. I will most certainly watch this and think of the absolute human sacrifice firefighters make every single day.

Vale Michael.

This movie will be up for awards. I can just feel it.
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2019 ? Can't wait

I'm a big Norton fan, so am delighted to see that this film is coming out. Too bad about Baldwin being in it, but one can't have everything..

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Odd trailer for me. It seems to drop his turrets half way through the trailer, then brings it back towards end. The pacing felt off and it might have revealed a little bit too much.

Looks interesting though.
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