Great Expectations is one of the few films that can incorporate stunning visuals, one of the best soundtracks to ever grace a film and simply characters that you truly care about by the end of the film.
i am one of many who like gwyneth paltrow, since her early days, i love her acting and her looks on screen, ethan hawke is at his usual best here, this reminds me a lot of the movie before sunrise.
It is always going to be a challenge to take a classic novel and turn it into be a movie that will satisfy everyone, especially when the story is being changed and adapted to fit a modern setting.
On the other hand, Alfonso Cuarón's Great Expectations is a transformation of a drama/comedy work of art into a romance, i just love his work.
all in all, this is one the movie genres that i really like to watch, and not the usual drama romance films we have any day, this one does sink in after viewing, u will be left with a feeling of disappointment and joy and the same time.