Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) vs. Transformers (2007)


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Out of these two movies adapted from 80s cartoons for kids, which do you think was the better adaptation.


TMNT had a good main plot with the turtles, and the backstory with Splinter and Shredder I felt. But the subplots with the police chief, and April being fired, then re-hired, I felt didn't really go anywhere, or add anything. I also felt that Shredder and the foot clan could have had more ambitious criminal plans, when all they were doing were stealing electronics mostly it seemed.

With Transformers, I like a lot of the moments in the movie, but I felt that it could have been more about the transformers, and they are pushed into the background by the human characters.

The Transformers are also hard to watch in the sense of how their faces are animated, as there is so much design in their faces, that it's hard actually see their faces, if that makes sense. The turtles had facial expressions that were much easier to read.

I also felt that the movie had too many goodlooking women in the movie, to the point of where it was really obvious, and felt forced. I guess I can be okay with that in The Fast and the Furious, but for some reason it bothered me in a Transformers movie. Is that a double standard for me?

They are both kind of good, kind of not, but I think I would have to give the slight edge to TMNT. What do you think?

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Surely this should be TMNT (2014) rather than the 1990 version?

In my honest opinion, the 1990 version is one of the best comic book and graphic novel adaptions of all time.
It's got fun and loud mouthed heroes, but in many respects has an emotional element not seen in any of the other TMNT incarnations.

The disparate characters of the Turtles, especially Raphael, is something that's delicately written, which makes it all the more potent. Raph and Splinter having their father-son moment as well after Raph comes home after storming out from an argument is superbly written and shot.

And the scene when Splinter has accepted that he is going to die in captivity, and he visits his sons in astral form to say goodbye to them is heartbreaking.

It's a very cleverly crafted movie given the fact that it's based around giant mutated turtles.
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The reason why I picked the 1990 TMNT is cause it was the first adaption compared to the first live action Transformers adaptation. I also really didn't like the new one. Maybe I need a second viewing to like it better, but on a first I really didn't like it.

I also felt that Shredder and the foot clan could have had more ambitious criminal plans, when all they were doing were stealing electronics mostly it seemed.
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but it's a difficult choice, especially as they're almost 20 years apart, I enjoyed both, both had nitpicks. I think Transformers just edges it, hearing Peter Cullen as Prime was great, seeing Prime's "lips" move..... not so much
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to me TMNT 90s version always my favorite movies from the 90s better then the remake of TMNT
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