"The League star Paul Scheer has been set to write a long-in-the works TV series based on Galaxy Quest, the cult 1999 sci-fi comedy that starred Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. Scheer picks up from original writer Robert Gordon, who co-penned the movie.

The series had been set at Amazon in 2015 but ran into casting issues with the original stars. It reportedly was close to beginning production before Rickmanís death in January 2016. Sheer has a new take on the material, but itís unclear whether Allen, Weaver and co-stars including Tony Shalhoub and Sam Rockwell will be a part of this one as the writing deal just made.

ďWithout giving much away, I donít think there has ever been a better time to continue the Galaxy Quest story with the explosion and popularity of sci-fi films in recent years,Ē Scheer said. ďTo be able to create and be a part of this world is just mind-blowing, and Iím approaching this truly as what Iíd like to see as a fan.Ē

The series is from Paramount Television. Original producer Mark Johnson is still attached to produce via his Gran Via Productions.