Bagdad Cafe


Mother! Oh, God! Mother! Blood!
I had heard of this film before watching it, but I had no idea what it was about.

When it started, the cinematography during the scenes between the two German people in the desert was very interesting, but it was very confusing. It took quite a while for me to figure out was going on. Maybe this was the filmmaker's purpose: to create a sense of mystery regarding the German lady.

Most of this film was very depressing to me. As the film began to brighten as Jasmin and Brenda became friends, I began to enjoy it more. My favorite part of the film was the musical number toward the end. This seemed very out of place at first, especially when the truckers began singing as part of the show, but it was very enjoyable.

I'm not sure I understand the purpose of a lot of things in this film, if there is any, so I'd be interested in anyone else's input.
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Seems as if we are the only ones to watch this.

It is one of my Favourite films, I saw it at the movies, I was keen to see Marianne Sagebrecht in her first American movie. I had seen her in Sugarbaby and loved her.

In this movie we see her transform from an unattractive German housewife into a beautiful confident woman, who has a positive effect on the lives of the people she meets at the Bagdad Cafe and Motel.

Jack Palance is wonderful as Rudi an X Hollywood set decorator, love him in the Bandana and Snakeskin Boots. His natural acting, I think his best role to date. He wants to paint Jasmins portrait, these scenes to me are so tastefully done, as Jasmin gains more confidence she becomes more daring and pretty with each sitting.

All roles were well acted and felt like real people to me.

I feel this movie is about friendship, Love and transformation of the mismatched group of misfits of the Bagdad Cafe.
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