I have a few DVD obsessions and this is one of the ones that cost me a bomb! but in my eyes, it was so worth it.

This is my Phantom Of The Opera/Phantom Related DVD & Blu-Ray Collection!
1. Phantom Of The Opera 1925/1929 (Milestone DVD Collection)
- This is a silent movie, Staring Lon Chaney
2. Phantom Of The Opera 1925 (Angel Of Music Edition)
- Same movie as above just now a fan made talking version
3. Song At Midnight
- This is the first Chinese horror movie EVER
4. The Phantom Lover
- Japanese remake of Song At Midnight
5. The Phantom Of The Opera 1943
- First color Phantom movie
6. The Climax
- A follow-up from 1943 Phantom
7. House Of Wax & Mystery Of The Wax Museum
- This is a Vincent Price movie
8. El Fantasma De Operetta (Tin Tan Version)
- Mexican version of Phantom
9. The Phantom Of The Opera 1962
- Hammer Horror version
10. The Vampire Of The Opera (English Subs)
- This is an Italian Phantom movie but with a vampire instead of Phantom
11. Murders In The Rue Morgue (Herbert Lom Version)
- Alen Egar Poe film but its more Phantom
12. The Phantom Of Hollywood
- TV movie from the 70's
13. Wicked Wicked
- Dual Vision film that reuses the plot and music from the 1925 silent Phantom movie
14. Phantom Of The Paradise
- MY FAVE!! Rocky Horror meets Phantom Of The Opera and Faust
15. The Meateater (Burnt Copy)
16. The Phantom of The Opera 1983
- TV movie from the 80s
17. Opera
- Scary Italian director Dario's first take on Phantom
18. The Phantom of The Riz (Burnt Copy)
19. The Phantom Of The Opera 1987
- First cartoon version of Phantom
20. The Phantom Of Death
21. The Phantom of The Mall
- Like the title says its the Phantom story but in a mall
22. The Phantom Of The Opera 1989
- Robert Englund (FREDDY) plays The Phantom in this horror version
23. Dance Macabre
- The original sequel for Roberts Phantom
24. Phantom of The Opera 1990
- Mini Series from the 90s with Charles Dance
25. Darkmam
26. Darkman 2 (Love the comment about The Phantom of The Opera)
27. Darkman 3
- Sam Rami's version of The Phantom
28. Phantom of The Opera 1991 (The stage version of David Stalker)
- Musical version
29. Popcorn
30. The Phantom Of The Opera 1998
- Dario's second try at The Phantom
31. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
- The villain is The Phantom
32. The Phantom Of The Opera 2004
- Andrew Lloyd Webbers Musical in movie form
33. The Phantom of The Opera 25th Stage Production
- Andrew Lloyd Webbers Musical
34. Love Never Dies
- Andrew Lloyd Webbers Musical sequel
35. Angel Of Music
- Fan made Phantom film and it's really bad
36. Beastly
37. The Monster In Paris
- CGI version of the story
38. Erik Portrait Of A Living Corpse
- Fan made Phantom film told by The Phantoms point of view
39. Phantom Of The Grindhouse
- Fan made Phantom film where he tries to be Prince and Michael jackson
40. Phantom of The Opera
- 2014 fan made Phantom movie staring Anthony Mann
41. Stage Fright Remake
- Odd twist on The Phantom story with Meatloaf
42. The Munsters Revenge
- The Phantom Of The Opera comes to stay with his family
43. The Phantom Of The Auditorium (Goosebumps)
44. Scooby Doo Stage Fright

1. The Phantom of The Opera 1925/1929
2. Phantom of The Paradise
3. The Phantom of The Opera 1989
4. Dr Philbs
5. Dr Philbs Rises Again

N that's just what I have on DVD I have more digital but I won't list them!!