This new CBS police drama, set in the birthplace of Kellogg's Cereal, stars Dean Winters (OZ, 30 ROCK, LAW & ORDER: SVU) as a detective named Russ Agnew who uses social media to make public the fact that his department is working with substandard equipment and lack of staffing. His plea somehow reaches the FBI, who send a slick detective named Mick Chamberlain(Josh Duhamel) and his forensic team to work with the Battle Creek PD and, of course, Russ and Mick butt heads as Russ likes to work a little more on instinct rather than Mick's more forensic approach. The first two episodes featured some promising writing and original story ideas so far, but Dean Winters is the show here...after years of being a second banana and commercial geek, Winters proves he has the chops to be a television leading man here and as long as TPTB keep Winters center stage and keep the writing solid, I will be watching.