Phantom Menace and other oddities


Did you all see the ET's (As in the movie ET) in this film? I just noticed it last nite when I was watching it.

Have you seen anything else weird in films?

I did notice those 'ET's' in there, in the Senate room, right? I heard a rumor thatSpielberg gave Lucas permission to do that, just for fun.
Another little goodie i noticed in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, when they are running through the movie studios you can see some guy in a Daredevil suit, filming the Daredevil movie. (which was released years after.

I noticed the ET’s the first time I saw it and wasn’t exactly sure what was going on…
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Ya know in Fellowship of the Ring you can see a car driving in the distance. Its in the scene where Frodo and Sam are talking in the corn field towards the beginning of the movie. Look closely and you can see a moving dust cloud in the distance. Its pretty cool.