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Since the release of the game recently, it sparked my interest in the DVD, and I haven't seen this movie in years. So my brothers and I rented it the other night, and saw it all over again, and I forgot what a great movie this really is.

The colors are what really stand out on this disc, they're so rich and deep, and the picture's as clear as a bell. And there's a huge extras section with interviews with Rob Bottin, Stan Winston, and John Carpenter himslef as well as many others involved in this excellent remake of a classic sci-fi film. This DVD rocks!!!

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Totally agree and it has one of the Best Making Ofs... on any DVD yet.
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The level of tension in the game really comes across too, and like the movie, the option of your allies to turn on you in fear is a very real danger.
But since qwe're talking about the film, one of my favorite parts is the blood test the conduct to see whose infected-I never heard or saw a screaming blood sample before... As well, Kurt Russell has really made a niche for himself in action movies, and while he's not as prolific or known as say, Scwarzenegger or Stallone, he holds his own, as well as being the best TV Elvis there ever was.

Also, Russell was in the very first season of Lost In Space in 1965, as a warrior boy named Quanto, who challenged a much smaller Billy Mumy to a test of strength and courage. So he's been around a while, and he's come a long way from "The Thing."

I this movie. I especially the creature effects! Bah, Who needs CGI!
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CGI is good IF it's done right-the Balrog in the LOTR films was awesome, but if it's not matter correctly, a CGI character can make a movie scene look like a half baked FMV (full motion video) from one of Sega's limp attempts at the very first digital games that came out for the Sega CD and 32X. (yes I was a victim of those systems)

I agree thought that it's far more skillful and crafty if one
goes the root of makeup and creature effects, which, in the
age of CGI, is becoming an extinct art form. Guys like Stan Winston, Tom Savini, Rob Bottin, and Rick Baker and godfathers Dick Smith and the Westmores are a dying breed. When they go, so will an entire era in the history of makeup and FX. These guys are, quite literally, the
"Last Of The Mohicans.."

The Thing is my #2 all time favorite horror/suspense film ever. Kurt's my hero.
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Slay, my man, we agree again!

Aliens is my all-time favourite, then possibly a tie between The Thing and Tremors. I'm into all the new special effects but there's nothing like good plots and characters to go with it .... and actors to make it all cohese.

It's on DVD? And with extras?? Man, I gotta get myself a DVD player....

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I've also got the thing on dvd. It's fantastic. (not much else to say, it's been covered).

oooh my favourite bit is the blood testing experiment, especially when you see the head arachnid mutation, fantastic. In fact i'm going to print that out and put it on my wall right now.......

Im assuming that most of you have heard the audio commentary and seen the making of doco, and with that assumption Id like to ask you all which theory of the thing 'virus' do you think is the right one:

A] That the thing completely absorbs someone then makes a perfect replication of that person, but that person is no longer human but infact just the thing the has taken over everything in the body and controls the body, actions and everything else.


B] That the thing Replicates the person perfectly but infected with the thing. The person doesnt know it that the thing is hiding inside them, they have full control of their actions but they are unware up until the thing decides to come out.

I picked these theories up while watching the extras and am pretty sure that one of these is what actually happens when the thing absorbs something. I tried to explain it the easiest way possible, I hope I did. AH, better leave at that, starting to think too much!

Anyhoo, what do you think, there are lot of......things.... to consider....

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Definately Option B as far as I`m concerned.

A perfect example is when Norris (Charles Hallahan) is knocked down and suffers a Heart attack.
The Thing would have no reason to Come out at this time and continues to stay hidden until the host fails and it has no choice but to expose itself.

And the Commentary is probably my favourite out of the 20 or so I`ve so far listened too from my collection...Class stuff.

Prince Of All Saiyans
A very good explanation, Jonny Goodboy-The Thing uses the host until the body gives out, thu making it paramount for the parasite to find another body with which to live in.

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GREAT movie
decent game
John Carpenter is a legend!!

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I'd like to own the 1950's version of this film.

The Day the Earth stood Still.... just arrived last month, and is a joy to watch.