Movie set on a boat..


There is a group of people on a big boat. a man tells them that there are rules, one of the rules is that a locked door must never be opened. Ofcourse this happens later on. From that moment on they are chased and killed by something/someone. Eventually they find out that they were all already dead, and the boat is taking them to another place.. A man and a woman find a way to get off though, and go back to the real world. In the ending, one of them is working in a store (i think it was the woman), and the other one walks by. They look at each other, but don't seem to recognize each other.

Please help me find out which movie this is, I've been searching online for so long!! (and sorry for my bad english)

Ghost Voyage (2008)

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The host on the ship was a Asian man ? at the end there was these glowing creatures in the water and they took one of the survivors off the life boat. I think it was Ghost voyage