It's Groundhog Day!!

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It's Groundhog Day!!. Punksutawney Phil's big moment. A great day for the redemption of any cynical grumpy weathermen, for new skills and wisdom, for love and romance. And loads of birthday pressies- again and again and again.

Actually i'd never heard of it till i saw the film, which -for anyone who's not yet seen it- is intelligent, witty and, after trials, tribulations and various attempts at suicide, extremely uplifting.

It's Groundhog Day!! Punksutawney Phil's big moment.....

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oh dear... that real?? i thought it was something made up for a silly movie (which i quite enjoyed, but it WAS silly)
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Groundhog Day really does take place every Feb 2nd (my birthday) at Punksutawney.

Yes, Viriginia, there is a groundhog.
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Yup Yup Yup Groundhog Day is sureley real! Its even printed on my calendar. I didnt put i there obviosly coz thats just mad but it was on there....on another note, the film is awsome. One of Bill Murrays (sp) best. The way he punches that guy in the face after he sees him Everyday and says "Phil!?" is classic.
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i love "Groundhog Day", its one of my alltime favorite comedies. bill murray is at his best in this (just my opinion) my favorite part is when he is talking to annie mcdowell and he tell her that he think he may be god because he keeps living the same day. so funny!

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Groundhog Day is going on my top ten movie list. As soon as the stupid thing starts working, that is
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