Darkness Falls


My life isn't written very well.
Anyone interested in this one? I think it's about an evil tooth-fairy.
The trailer looks interesting--the way "Mothman Prophecies" did. But I also thought "Feardotcom" looked promising.
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I’m a little curious… never thought of the tooth fairy as evil… just a little stingy...
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well tooth fairy or no this movie looks very very pretty
it's on the top five on my list to see in these coming months
The wold is full of kings and queens
Who blind our eyes and steal our dreams
it's heaven and hell

I just saw it today....I haven't seen such a great horror flick like this in a long while. It spooked the crap out of me. The "Tooth Fairy" is a classic addition to all of its previous descendants. Has been well worth the wait.

Darkness falls - (A-)

I'm interested, but.... these movies need to have better titles. TITLES MAKE EVERYTHING!

Darkness Falls sounds cheesy to me. Same thing with Final Destination, Jeepers Creepers, Feardotcom.... maybe they just need cooler looking designs for the title too.

EDIT: Just read some reviews that bashed this movie TERRIBLY. A tooth fairy that kills children while they sleep with their newly extracted tooth under their pillow? Sorry. I don't like supernatural bad girls who kill children in a serious horror film, especially when it's the tooth fairy. The Dentist was probably better than this.

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The Dentist was probably better than this.

Haha.....very funny .

This movie is not the tooth fairy killing children in their sleep ....this is, like you said, a serious horror film. A classic. Critics' opinions do not mean anything to me at all, cause I go along to my own thoughts and bad reviews don't bother me.
Go see it.......you'll like it.

Does anyone know the name of the song and singer on the end credits by any chance?


Well, you know, I love many, many movies that have gotten maybe one or zero stars from critics, but lately, the movies that come out and get these ratings deserve it. It's something about the updated, millenium formula and the actors.

Isn't there a demonic tooth fairy in the film? Something about a woman who was lynched a long time ago and then comes back as the form of The Tooth Fairy? Is she attractive? Does she sing? I really want to see a horror movie musical. Not something overtly sexual like Rocky Horror, but something with blood and guts and galore. I had some ideas for a Psycho musical. Imagine Marion Crane, singing her heart out in a shower, then getting her heart ripped out by a singing transvestite, then dying and singing at the same time. What a way to go.

Sorry, getting off track here. Oh, yes, Darkness Falls. Sounds like Niagara Falls in hell. Oooh, that's a better idea for a horror movie. Anyway, I'm sure I'll see this flick sometime. Until then, bye bye now.

I just saw the movie today...it was pretty good.
It was the first movie that scared this **** outta me in like 9 years. Pretty short and could have been extended, but great...loved it!
I just love the "I see you now bitch!" BAM he....oh sorry...don't mean to spoil it for those who haven't seen it...
but seriously...it really scared this shizit outta me...I dunno though...just something about childhood nightmares I had...
Exsqueeze me! Meesa haten crunchen...dats the last ting meesa wantin!

My life isn't written very well.
For those of you have already seen this one here is some web fodder. Also, for those of us who haven't, you can watch the first 8 mins. of the film (WOW! I know, but hey...).


last night i finally got around to seeing this movie and oh my god it was good
short but good
very well done and very pretty
sort of like a mixture of pitch black and halloween

I'm wanting to see this regardless of reviews. I didn't particularly like Pitch Black, and I haven't seen They yet, but curious about this one. Only.... I CAN'T SEE THE DAMNED TRAILER!!!!! (not sure why...)

it's so awesome

Originally posted by theshape82
it's so awesome
Great... thanks....
I s'pose I'll have to keep trying...

I personnally likes the movie....But I would have liked to have been more afraid....I think I've desensitized myself to horror films. The tooth fairy was an oringinal scary character who ultimatly creeped me out!

The only thing that disapointed me was in the trailor it says that Darkness Falls "runs circles around the ring" which it deffinantly did not.

Does anyone know who is the artist behind the song at the end of the movie during the credits? email me if you know

thank you