Saw GIMME SHELTER over the weekend. Wasn't sure what to expect from Disney starlet Vanessa Hudgens, but I was pleasantly surprised. Her performance might not bring in a gold statue, but it will surely generate some buzz. Apart from her striking physical transformation, she busts out some chops to play the underprivileged and neglected APPLE BAILEY. Also, did I mention, this is a true story?!

To sum up the plot, Apple runs away from her abusive mother (ROSARIO DAWSON) to find her estranged Wall Street banker father (BRENDAN FRASER). After discovering she's pregnant, her father is upset and Apple is forced to do what she's always done- run away. After sleeping on the streets and winding up in the hospital after an accident, Apple meets the resident priest (JAMES EARL JONES) who guides her to a shelter for pregnant teens. There she learns to stopping running, face her problems, and overcome her stubborn attitude.

I was concerned that the movie may venture into Lifetime/Christian Right territory, but that's not the case. Sure the priest guides her, but he really plays the role of the threshold guardian in this hero's journey. In the end, the story is about overcoming obstacles, compassion, and facing your demons.

I'd definitely suggest seeing this movie.