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I'm thinking the time frame would of been around 1985 to 1988. However, it could of been before because I'm not sure if it was a movie that had been out for a while when I viewed it, as I was a kid. Anywho, I have vague memories of snippets from the movie but my whole life I've wanted to know what the movie was, so I could watch it again. I just remember that it was about a child that was evil and was killing off their family. I remember the child killing a family member by putting a radio in the bath tub and electrocuting someone. Also, the child pushed their sibling off a roof and they plummeted to their death. I think the child was a boy but I'm not sure. That's all I remember but I remember it being so wicked and good as a kid and probably something the grand parents shouldn't of been letting me watch .

Just did a quick search and found:

Mikey - 1992

...but it's outside your year range. I'll keep looking.

Bugger! Sexy got there before me.
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Mikey (according to Wiki - I haven't seen it - but I've always wanted to) features a death scene where a woman is killed in a bathtub via electrocution by the kid. And he does have a sister, but she's apparently killed in a pool.

I remember when this movie came out. I heard about it in the early '90s when it appeared on cable pay-per-view. I saw the previews. The lead girl from the Hellraiser movies -- Ashley Laurence -- is in it.

The preview's tagline was something like, "Remember - Jason and Freddy were kids once, too."

Epic is a fad. Out of this world can be just being yourself.
Thanks for the quick response but I don't think that was it because it makes no mention of him pushing his sister off the roof (and for some reason I remember that happening after electrocuting the parent. But mainly because I was between 6 to 10 years old and I was born in 80, so it had to be before 1990. That sounds pretty wicked though and I want to watch it now.

Wow, it's weird to see Kirsty from Hellraiser in something else.

Epic is a fad. Out of this world can be just being yourself.
I think I found it and this is nuts because I had to of been 3 when I watched it but I remember being super young and maybe younger than I thought. Maybe it was re-aired and I was a couple years older when I watched but I think this was it because of the plot line: Don't Go To Sleep is a 1982 movie. Part of the story line: Just as they move into their new home, Mary begins hearing the voice of her dead sister under her bed. Soon enough, Jennifer's ghost begins appearing to Mary in secret. Jennifer hopes to kill off her family as an act of revenge. Immediately after these meetings with Mary, one by one her family members meet twisted fates. Grandma suffers a heart attack from being spooked by Kevin's pet iguana, which was released onto her bed one night, Kevin is thrown off the house roof and put into the hospital after retrieving a Frisbee and father Phillip is electrocuted in the bathtub when the radio he is listening to falls into the water.

Wow, I need to watch this creepfest I never heard of before:

Christian Slater is an evil Nazi obsessed kid.

Epic is a fad. Out of this world can be just being yourself.
Never heard of that one. Sounds promising and I loved to be creeped.