Batman Returns 9/10

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I was a little hesitant to watch this after watching the first Batman from 1989; which I gave 5/10. It has just become outdated with The Dark Knight releases. But much to my delight, I was pleasantly surprised. Daniel Waters serves up a hilariously awesome screenplay blotted with a surprising amount of straight foreword adult humor. The characters are all fun. Mix that in with Tim Burton's always unique sets, and this feature turns out to be a real treat. Danny Elfman provides the soundtrack which I had mixed feelings about this time. The theme and the intense parts felt right, but some of the scenes seemed like he was fumbling with the instruments... experimenting might be a better word. Regardless, great flick!


I'm surprised that a 3rd movie was not made after this with Tim Burton and/or at least Daniel Waters on the screenplay.

One of the reasons that Burton didn't get to make a third one was because it was too "dark". I think producers wanted it to appeal to a wider audience, hence more money in their pockets, so they went for zany in the next 2 unspeakable abominations.

This was yet another episode of producers being dicks.
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michelle pfeiffer's catwoman was fantastic to watch in that one and there was a great connection with her and keaton's batman. Glad to hear you enjoyed it

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Definitely the best Batman movie. Dark but not dour, funny but not campy, it's just awesome. I like it better than all of the Nolan flicks, even though I do enjoy Batman Begins and Dark Knight quite a bit. (The Dark Knight Rises does not exist in this dojo...I'd watch the Shumacher films again before that depressing, sloppy mess.)
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My third-favourite BATMAN movie, (behind BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES).

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(Out of four: ***1/2)
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I'd say that Batman Returns is the best of the original series, in that, the first Batman, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin aren't very good at all. However, I don't think I'd give it anything more than a seven at best, for me, Batman Begins was the first truly good Batman movie. I think Michael Keaton is probably the best Batman and I enjoyed Michelle Phfeiffer's performance as Catwoman even if I do like the character better in Rises and the Arkham games.

I know that it isn't the popular consensus on this board, but I truly to believe that The Dark Knight was a masterpiece, and that The Dark Knight Rises is only a couple of cogs beneath it.

I'm not old, you're just 12.
Meh, you people are overrating this way too much. Yes, it was great, but not Nolan Batman great.
I totally disagree.

Batman Returns is kind of a work of genius. It's absolutely dripping with symbolism and subtext, it has a ton of hilarious and memorable lines of dialogue, and frankly, Michelle Pfiefer's Catwoman makes Anne Hathaway look like a kitten. It's actually a much more adult themed look at the character than even Nolan's films. It just goes places (weird sexual kinks, mental illness, nature vs. nurture) that haven't been explored in Batman films before or since.

I re-iterate that I did enjoy the first two Nolan films, Dark Knight especially, but I think that Batman Returns is still the best. Better than Burton's first Bat-Film, and better than all the remaining films.

Though man, if Terry Gilliam ever wanted to make a Batman movie...I think that would be the best thing ever invented. EVER.