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Harmony Korine films are like the secret show in the backroom that I have to pay to see even though I know it will be a waste of time. If the screenplay and plot were humans they would be diseased with muscular dystrophy, weak and slow moving; which is the trend in most Harmony Korine films. There is quite a bit of repeated dialogue to fill the silence of the over used montage scenes which are there to try and accommodate for the poor screenplay. This movie WAS directed beautifully, some great visually appealing shots, and no I don't just mean all the ass and titties. I enjoyed the dark neon vibrant scenes. I'd love to see Harmony direct a movie with a brilliant plot and screenplay for a change... But I will still watch every movie he makes.. It's a curse. The best thing I watched on this Blu-ray is the VICE special featurette on the ATL Twins. I had never heard of them before this, but they seem like a couple cool dudes.


I like some of Korine's films, though they do tend to be abrasive.

Spring Breakers probably would've been better as a short film. It had a sort of sarcastic Apocalypse Now tone, but it was too repetitive.
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Finished here. It's been fun.
Nice review. I'm not sure If I want to see this film though. The visuals do look great but seeing how it's completely lacking in all the other areas I think I'll pass.

Decided to pass on this, reinforced by your review, thanks.

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
Sprang Breakas Yall!!!!

Here is a film that looks like a wild good time, but instead plays out like a horrid acid trip made for the MTV generation. Spring Breakers has no cohesive story or structure, instead Korine gives us montage after montage of dumb people doing dumb things.

Gomez joins Hudgens in shedding her Disney image, although here she plays the "wholesome" girl in this group. Her name is Faith and she is somewhat religious...induce the eye rolling now.

The film looks great, bathed in neon lights at every turn, but this is the classic example of style over substance. There is very little story since the film is jam packed with montage after montage of people having fun on Spring Break. The film has two selling points. The girls in their bikinis all throughout the film and Franco's outlandish performance as Alien, a drug kingpin as he deems himself. Franco has a lot of fun with the role with more than half of his performance feeling as if it were improvised. He has scarface on repeat yall, on repeat!!! he desperately wants to live that life, he wants the American dream and these girls for some reason fall in love with that notion and him.

Aside from two sequences in this film, one involving a Britney Spears song used in a way I would never imagine and an outlandish ending that feels like it could be right out of Scarface, the film serves nothing memorable.

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What about the scene where James Franco
WARNING: "spoiler" spoilers below
gives the uzis a Bj?
I thought it was funny. Original too.