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Gotta say I loved the movie in theaters, and loved it even more on DVD. It has great features ranging from deleted scenes, which should of stayed in the original, to step steps on how they did many scenes in the movie. One of the features I did love on here that I haven't seen on another DVD is the picture in picture scenes. What they did was have a small screen of what was released in the movie, and a larger screen of what it looked like when they were filming it before editing it. I thought that was a great idea.

Got some questions for the goddess that is Laurie though. First off, any eggs on this. I didn't see any. Also, unfortunately I watch most of my DVD's on my DVD-ROM and when I click special features it quickly displays the first screen, but then autmaticaly jumps to the second screen. Although if I try to go back to the first screen I can't see anything on that screen(the second is still up), but I can select the features on the first screen and can go back to the second thing. Its probably just my software, and I really don't care too much I was just wondering if you had heard of anyone else having this problem?

Oh and I love the interactive menus!
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I haven't actually seen the DVD version of it, but I was wondering if anyone noticed a small flaw in the movie...When they inject the stuff that makes him invisible, wouldn't it be logical that all his veins and organs would dissapear first, and by the time it got to the skin you wouldn't see anything?? That's what happened in reverse though, first all the veins and organs appeared, then everything else!

In any case the anatomy was very well animated, appart from that slight flaw it was flawless

Maybe the special invisibility formula was specifically designed to make the skin invisible first and work inward.

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Nah, don't think it's possible, because it was injected intravenously, so it would first go directly to the heart, then to the lungs, then back to the heart, and then finally the other arteries and organs (which includes the skin, because it needs oxygenated blood).

A bit of a scientific explanation there

So, you accept that they could make a forumla to make someone invisible, but you can't accept the idea that the forumla was designed to work on the skin first?

I didn't see the movie (didn't seem like anything I'd want to see), but I can't imagine that this particular detail would've bothered me at all. If I can get past the idea of an invisibility forumla, I think I could get past anything regarding how it worked.

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Ok, you got me there ! The invisibility formula was a it far fetched, it just looked like a blue liquid so I assumed it would work just like anything else what was injected

Still a freaky movie, the way he goes mad with power!

I haven't found any eggs on Hollow Man yet. Since it's a Columbia/Tristar disc, it probably doesn't have any. For some reason that studio isn't big on eggs.

There are a couple of encoding problems with the disc when used on PCs and laptops. These problems may result in chapter skips, automatic subtitles, and incomplete rotation of the animated menus (menu jumps, skips, hesitations). The problems will be corrected for the second press run of the disc due out in about 3 weeks.

Problems like this are common with first run discs from Columbia/Tristar. I personally think their quality check system sucks and is in dire need of a major overhaul. They'll always be too cheap to spend the money to get it right the first time.
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Invisibility serum works when human cells interact with sunlight, or any type of light. Since your skin comes into contact with light first it disappears first. When your skin is invisible that allows light to penetrate down to your muscles and veins and finally your skeleton etc..

Visibility serum works the same way except that when you start to disappear the invisibility serum has all ready saturated your body. Whe you reappear the visibility serum must first spread out from your veins making stuff reappear as it spreads.

I love sci-fi.

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Originally posted by ryanpaige
So, you accept that they could make a forumla to make someone invisible, but you can't accept the idea that the forumla was designed to work on the skin first?
Thank you very much ryan. Glad someone else could notice that about the movie.

Thanks for the info Laurie. Most of my DVD's play with subtitles automaticaly. I thought it was just intentionally set up that way.