movie where all doors lead back to the same room


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I'm trying to find a movie where some people are trapped in a room, because all doors they use lead back to the same room.
Maybe it wasn't a movie, but just an episode of a series, this I don't know for sure..
Can anyone help me out on this?

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TV Show Episodes

Star Trek The Next Generation: In the episode "Where Silence Has Lease," when Riker and Worf are on the fake U.S.S. Yamato's bridge, they find that all doors lead back to the bridge.

In the episode "The Royale," Riker, Warf et al. are in a mockup of the eponymous hotel from a trashy novel, and the revolving door leads right back into the hotel; they can't leave until they make the novel end.

Warehouse 13: One of the Warehouse's artifacts is a complete bed & breakfast, inside which the occupants can't leave (by normal means, anyway) -- each attempt results in them being returned to its main room from a different entry.

The X Files: A Christmas episode. (Episode Title?} In a haunted mansion, Mulder and Scully find themselves in a room where the only door leads into the same room.