Are DVDs from Classic Movie Reel legit?


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There is a movie my brother has been wanting for awhile, and you never see it in any stores. I thought I'd get it for him for his birthday, and it'd be just a quick browse on Amazon and I'd have it for $10 ... well, I was totally wrong. I see a couple on Amazon for $100+, and some used for $49+... I did a search on google and it popped up with Classic Movie Reel, and for $11.95. I, however, have never heard of that site, and am not sure if it's a scam, or if it's selling illegal burned DVDs. Anyone have any idea?

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I've had a look at the site... they seem to deal with Public Domain films.

Public Domain means that the ownership and copyright of the movie has expired from the original owner/studio etc.

I'm not big on the law but it sounds like these guys are ligit...

I am looking to purchase Last of the Dogmen for him. I saw it all over for $5 back in the 90s, so I guess I assumed it'd still be out there.

Unavailable as a new release since 2010. It was available before that time but you have to go secondhand if you want a copy.

The licence expired when Carolco Productions went bankrupt.
The movie is currently owned by Savoy Pictures but they have no intention of releasing new DVDs for it so secondhand is the way.

If that site is legit though, you may want to have a look. I had a look at some sites and yes, people are asking extortionate prices for their DVD copies.

Thank you for your help. I am still twiddling my thumbs on whether to try that site, or buy a used copy for $40+. I really don't need a scam, or an illegal DVD, but I really don't want to pay $40 odd plus shipping for a used DVD.

I am kicking myself a little, though. I used to have a DVD copy of it, that I watched maybe once. It's not a bad movie; I liked it because of the mysterious tribe. I was going to move to another country where my ex's family were from, so I sold a lot of DVDs in a yard sale, and that was one of them. This was 3 years ago - not too long before that stopped making them. *kicks self* Whoah. lol

It's avaliable brand new on DVD here in the UK, for only £4.00 too. This is where multi region players come in nice and handy because unfortunately it's not a region free disc.

I think your best bet for an actual DVD(not a made copy like it sounds like on that website) is second hand shops, charity shops and markets/car boot sales. Or do a deal with Akatemple.

In this link on our Amazon British site, someone is selling a used dvd for £17.95, so that's about $28 instead of $40 at least, but don't know what the postage would be to America or if that trader posts to America, but have a look since it's the American region 1 disc:
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they don't even cost all that much more, but I think you can even tweek standard players?

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Is Classic Movie Reel legit? is more to the point. I have been waiting over 3 months for a DVD and they have not replied toany of my three queries as to where it is.

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Don't ever buy from classicmoviereels, this site is still online for shoddy buisness deals of dvds unviewable. He uses photo copy labels for thin dvd cases. dvds are burned from VHS movie titles and/ or tv. Others have gotten titles never ordered or recieved by buyer. The BBB graded them F from A-F grading. Warning to all getting old classic movies is popular today , millions looking for them to buy. The online crooks know of the great demand for them & setting up bogus web sites for golden oldies, classics from 1930 to 1950s. Even the tv series " The Rifleman" all seasons was found on a web for sale. Two seasons of it hasn't been release to the public. Amazon, Walmart, TCM all well honest sellers of dvds. Use guidelines before buying from bad sites. Google the BBB, scam dvds sellers or google oldies, golden age dvds,. The questionable ones will show up. Always get a phone numbers especially when a site says will only respond by e-mail for customer complaints. That there is a high sign of crooks. Get verification of buisness address. People get sucked in by low prices or available rare titles & web site looks professional. I'm just trying to help others who enjoy dvd movies. Spread word about classicmoviereels, they also use different email addresses. & locations.
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I just reported to the cyber crime unit of the FBI. At best, these scumbags are selling bootleg crap and are dealing in intellectual property theft. I should have known better than to order something I KNEW was not available legitimately, but I hoped... This site is a scam. . . . Please report their shenanigans to the cyber crime unit of the FBI. . . .

ic3. gov/default.aspx

Just put the . gov together and report them.

Nope, not legit. Very shady. Selling bootlegs. If you love movies, please watch legitimately!