Unusual love story


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I can not remember title of a movie with plot of man going to marry somewhat attractive woman with good background status. He ends up marrying plain unattractive womn. I believe made between 60's and 90"s.

This principals were middle age. You think because of the society status and more attractiveness of man's fiance that he is going to marry her as already planned. Eventually he decides to marry a not as attractive plain person who is sweet and more of a real person. You can not help but cheer for her. She may have been a co-worker. Does that help? Movie may have been in black and white.

Were they both carrying paperwork and when they crash into each other, their papers get mixed up on the floor?
Eventually their hands touch while they're picking the papers up... sparks fly and they meet in the stationary cupboard after hours.

Soz ArtS1, not poking fun.
Is there any extra on the plot though? It's a bit vague for a romance film made between 1960 and 1990.