A Separation - 2011

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Directed by Asghar Farhadi

A married couple are faced with a difficult decision, to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimers (plot).

First thing iam sure this film will get nominated by the Academy for best foreign language film and i hope Mr.Farhadi won, because he deserved.

Secend thing the film present a very simple story about Nader and Simin have been planning to move to a European country to provide better opportunities, as Simin claims in the court, for their only daughter, Termeh (Sarina Farhadi).

Third thing, Nader refuse to leave his father and Simin need her daughter to go with her, but the problem with the daughter, she want one thing like all the children in the worlds, one house and lovable parents.

Finally, " this film really deserves to be considered as one of the film of the year and i deserves the high rating in IMDB site, "A Separation" was good example of a real-life movie which could help people to revise their ideas about important concepts like responsibility, love and sacrifice.


Last Asghar Farhadi's family drama is definitely one of the best films of recent years what is evidenced with 59 awards won by the movie including Oscar and Golden Bear, and a total of over 80 nominations.
Farhadi is highly respected Iranian filmmaker who has in the past ten years gathered over 20 international awards and was this year ranked among Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world.
A Separation is the story of an ordinary Iranian family. Mother (Simin) believes that it is better for the life of their daughter to leave Iran and move to the west, while the father (Nader) wants to stay in Iran and take care of his sick father. Conflict leads to the separation of Simin and Nader. Then father's new guardian steps into the story. She accuses Nader for a physical attack in which she lost a child.
Although story is seemingly very simple, screenplay is definitely one of the best in recent times. Deep, complex, with great characters that are hard to forget and with authentic depiction of lately demonized Iran.
Although a good portion of the cast is relatively amateurish, except Leila Hatami (Simin) and Shahab Hossein (guardian's husband), acting is flawless.
The technical part is just as we expect form Farhadi, almost no complaints. One of complaints that goes to technical part is unuse of music, but although some scenes would made better impression no one can say that Farhadi's movies aren't grat just as they are. Special strong scenes are the ones from courtroom, starting from the first scene of dialogue between Simin and Nader with the judge which lasts for more than three and a half minutes and which immediately announces way of filming that is only possible with perfect acting. Characters that look so realistically is almost impossible to find.
Brilliant movie that is definitely one of the best of 2011.