witch: "On the ninth day of the dead man takes revenge.".. ?


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Help remember the name of an old movie enough. The film looked in the 80s. The meaning of the film vaguely remember. The film is likely very similar to the English Poirot or Miss Marple. Start vaguely remember one girl in every way to the estate and were getting crazy. I do not remember exactly how but it like or like killed herself died. Took out her one pair of lovers, most likely. It was necessary to her condition. She felt sorry for the local witch black woman (she was very full). She made over her corpse ritual voodoo. In the coffin she laid the whip. Remember exactly the phrase you say witch, "On the ninth day of the dead man takes revenge." She repeated it several times. On the ninth day after death of girl comes to his killers and kills them. There are two horrific scene in front of a mirror (kills woman), the second bathroom (kills a man.) Struck by the contrast between living a wild girl, and thence back to that. Themselves scenes give odds with modern horror movies. I remember a detective who was trying to come all this work to investigate. I remember the last scene when he finished work and went as he saw her dead in the window a long time they stood looking at each other and then dispersed to their side. I can not remember this episode or movie but if someone remembers the name tell me.

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That don't sound like Marple or Poirot. That is a horror movie, They were in mysteries.

Took out her one pair of lovers, eh?
It reminds me of a toilet paper on the trees
- Paula