Problem with Home Theater System


Ok. With the dual white and red rca, strip one side to bare wire for the speakers, leaving the other side for input. I think I got it. Thanks. 123

PLUS. MY SONY 2.0 speakers already have bare wire which attaches to the central player, surely they sell just the connection part themselves for attaching the wire, prob. could even improvise with one of my many a/v wires.

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You'll just need to make sure you're plugging the cable into the TV's output, not input. I've had a look at the back of my TV and it's only got RCA input points (for attaching a camcorder etc). The sound outputs are optical/digital and a headphone jack.

If your TV doesn't have analogue outputs then I'd expect you can get some sort of adapter to hook the RCA cable to the headphone jack.

EDIT - You could bypass the TV and hook the DVD player up to the stereo but, of course, that'd only work when watching DVDs and you might need to play around with your DVD options menu (on the player, not on individual discs) to make sure it outputs stereo and not surround. Hopefully your TV has the proper outputs.
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^ I had it so that the dvd player's red white sound was in the tv's 'audio input' with only the yellow video going to dvd hookup, this way both tv and dvd were through the speakers, but now with the new tv and the Sony dvd/cd player on the frits, I'm just going to garage the perfectly good speakers. All becoming too much a headache. Got a bluray player today and a small 2.1 Creative Lab A220 speaker set, it'll do for now, probably be a simply hook up. I have a couple of those 3.5mm to audio red white wires around the house anyway.

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Hate to sound patronising, but did you get a HDMI cable for the Blu Ray player? The 99p ones from Amazon are as good as the Monster jobs which cost a million dollars. Seriously, they are.

A small issue with the Vizio I have. The old Polaroid generic, half a foot thick lcd was able to display over the air antenna data for the channel allowing you to see program info several hours in advance, therefore making it easier to schedule dvr recordings in advanced. I simply cannot do this with the antenna feed for the Vizio??? It only shows the current program that is on. Not even with the whole of the streaming options, a tv guide app and all. All the services like netflix and amazon prime work great, but if you are not even able to check future programing for channels on the device itself, WTF!? Either I'd have to go to the old lcd in another room to view what the future shows are, or look at a listing online.

Might not be all that big a problem but it is still frustrating.

^ There is a guide button, nothing happens though; It expands a couple rows and columns this way and that but they are completely empty??? I called Vizio about it, the c.s.r. knew exactly what I was talking about immediately and gave me this whole elaborate b.s. spiel.

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I sometimes have an empty TV guide if the TV's been switched off for a few days - It takes a few minutes for the columns to fill but it sounds more terminal in your case.

I'd bring it back to the store for a refund - As long as a guide is mentioned in the brochure you should be on safe ground. I took a TV back after 2 days once because it only simulated 24Hz and didn't display it natively. The guy in the store told me it was a native 24Hz set (the only reason I'd bought it) so he didn't have a leg to stand on.

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The manual is on the tv itself. As I said, it isn't that big a deal...but frustrating...