Anime re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast?


Not too much to go on...How's this for a first guess? It's set in a school and has a modern-day ''monster'' courting one of the girls.

Hatsukoi Limited (also known as ''First Love Limited'')


Here's the first episode (and recap) where Ayumi meets the ''beast'' Misao:


There's also ''InuYasha'' which has some similarities to the original fairy tale.


Not anime per se, but there's this very original (haha) Thai animated film too. From the ever-creative folks at GM Toons!


Got one more. It's called ''Fruits Basket''. The character Tohru, who is initially frightened/repulsed by Kyo (cursed to turn into a beast), becomes close to him. They fall in love. Again, it's just an adaptation in bits and pieces.
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No problem But I definitely need some pointers at this stage. Or else I'll be shooting in the dark - again! Are we looking at an anime series here or a full-length feature film? Is it a children's film or an adult oriented movie/series? Does it have a modern-day setting? Is it a recent release? Any clue would help.


I'm sure you can fill in some of the blanks here. For instance, if it's a full-length feature, you movie could even be Miyazaki's ''Porco Rosso (1992)''

P.S. I assume you are looking for a Japanese (or perhaps Korean/Chinese) film or television series. Because if you're not, now would be a good time to warn me