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Director: Danny Boyle
Year: 1996

Ewan Mcgregor
Jonny Lee Miller
Robert Carlyle



Well with Danny Boyle releasing his new movie 127 Hours i decided to re-watch Trainspotting. Trainspotting i last watched a long time ago and i couldn't really remember a thing about the movie because the last time i watched it i was only a young lad.

Trainspotting is a movie about a group of friends that don't have job's and just sit around all day taking heroin and other drugs, there just the lowest of the low really. The story follows Mark Renton played by Ewan Mcgregor as he attemps to get him self clean and off drugs and how the drugs effect his personal life with his friends, family and his love life.

Well after re-watching Trainspotting all these years later i found my self really enjoying this movie, the story was fantastic, the acting is all spot on, and the movie is full of great scenes and some awesome soundtracks. Trainspotting really digs in deep into the life of a smackhead and the movie offers some really shocking moments that really drag you in and down with the characters. The cast in the movie are brilliant, Robert Carlyle playing
Francis "Franco" Begbie is a fantastic character played really well by Carlyle and Kelly Macdonald playing Diane had me thinking yeah she is hot (then the bombshell dropped hahaha) all in all the cast are all fantastic. Trainspotting really depends on its story alone, there are no big action scenes, no gun fights, no big explosions it just had its story and characters and Danny Boyle did a fantastic job with this movie.

Well Trainspotting is a fantastic movie really glad i decided to re-watch this now its made me excited to see what Danny Boyle has to offer in his new movie thats just hit the big screen 127 Hours. Fantastic movie, great cast, great story, and its a movie that just takes you along for the ride with its characters.

I'm glad you decided to give Trainspotting another look... it is a brilliant film and has a place in my top 100... I actually laughed at the toilet scene, which according to some of my friends, makes me a little/lot on the weird side...

I believe a few of MoFos have written other reviews on Trainspotting that you might enjoy... you should do a search...
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A great movie, thanks for review
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Just bought Trainspotting and might give it a look today.
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I didn't like Trainspotting the first time I saw (parts of) it. But I watched it a year or two ago and enjoyed it quite a bit. I don't care for the things the main characters do but Ewan McGregor is so likable and makes you interested. There are plenty of things I'd change about it but I feel the same about this as I do Boogie Nights. You can tell the director put a lot into them and when it goes right, it goes really right.