Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall is the Basis for New Movie


Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall is the Basis for New Movie

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A new film is in the works based off of the Pink Floyd song 'Another Brick In the Wall' from 'The Wall' album. This will not be a remake of the iconic Alan Parker movie from 1982 but a true life story of one unique music teacher.

The movie will tell the story of Alan Renshaw, whose school children sang on 'Another Brick In the Wall'. The 1979 track was a number one single. The movie is being written by Steve Thompson and produced by Andy Harries (The Queen) through Left Bank and BBC Films. At this point Roger Waters has not given the rights to the song to Harries yet. Deadline spoke with Harries on what the movie will center on:
It’s “Dead Poets Society meets School of Rock.” He’s optioned the life story of music teacher Alan Renshaw who arrived at a struggling north London comprehensive (public) school in the late 70s, determined to shake things up. His class eventually ends up singing the chorus on the Pink Floyd track – whose controversial lyrics, flicking a V-sign at authority, end up getting Renshaw sacked.

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Pink Floyd's one of my 5 favorite bands of all-time. Will definitely check it out.
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