Crossing Over


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It just seems like evey time you turn around you got a singer attempting to cross over to movies.I would like to ask all you lovely people. Who is your favorite and least favorite of those who crossed over. Mine would definitely without a doubt would be Mariah Carey. Dude can she be any worse an actress.
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i like Will Smith as an actor and i loved Men In Black Theme song as for my worse geez im not to sure i have the picture in my head and i can see the name forming arrg i just cant get it, i wil post it as soon as i remember!

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Actually, we already have a thread on this...

It's right HERE

I'm moving this into the Actors, Awards, & Directors forum, but we can keep this thing goin.
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Aw... I thought you were going to be talking about John Edward. Oh well, maybe I'll blast that con artist some other time.
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crazed out movie freak
my bad i didn't know you started this one already. tone loc had a short lived movie presentation. i mean ace ventura exactly wasn't the greatest move for him