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Sequel to The Professional


I heard a rumor somewhere that there was a sequel to Leon (The Professional) in the planning stages. I just don't see how this would work seeing as how Leon is long dead, and he took the bad guy with him. Supposedly it will have Leon in flashbacks though.

I have no idea what the story would be, but in my own imagination at least, Matilda has gone on to be a detective, arresting criminals through proper channels whenever she can and cleaning up the rest in her off-duty time. I picture her as being unable to get close to anyone because of the lessons Leon taught her, and having an entire imaginary relationship with him in her daydreams.

(Oh, and Tony is now her best Mob informant because he's pants-wettingly afraid of her.)

What do you think a sequel to The Professional would look like?

I am quite sure there was a thread for this already.

But this seems like a thread to show off your ideas for the sequel, if you want my opinion, it sucks.
Doing a sequel to Leon is really a stupid idea, as it's become a cult classic loved by all ages.. & even if it happens I am sure Besson won't direct it himself, seeing the kind of movies his proteges are doing, I'd say leave Leon alone.

But I am not saying a sequel is impossible, but definitely not based on the idea you have mentioned, no offense!

BTW welcome to MoFo.

Here's the thread:

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