trippy animated movies like fantastic planet


i recently watched fantastic planet and it was pretty great. any other movies like it?
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Fantastic Planet is almost one-of-a-kind. Don't know of any others that are similar but there must be some.

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Same director...


Yellow Submarine?

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Most of the stuff by Ralph Bakshi is trippy.
I'm rather fond of his 1978 Lord of the Rings, but that's about it. To be fair though, I've only seen a handful of his 50+ movies and shorts.

I plan to watch Wizards by next week.
I didn't care for that much. Let me know what you think.

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Yeah I can second LOTR. Liked the style as a kid (altho pacing, and obvious budget limitations, made it a bit of a slog for young eyes and minds)

Here's a scrappy utube trailer...

Virtual Reality chatter on a movie site? Got endless amounts of it here. Reviews over here

Blood Tea and Red String and The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb are two feature-length ones you should look up. Here are weird animated shorts that I like:

everything will be okay

Snow-White (Betty Boop version)

Club of the Laid Off

Tale of Tales

Can't Go Wrong Without You

Night on the Galactic Railroad

The Battle of Kerzhenets

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that Fantastic Planet animation seems quite like the old Monty Python animations. some pretty crazy stuff.

Personally I love some of the old clay animations that came out around then, Bruce Bickford's stuff.

Puma, Finally saw Wizards.
Didn't care for it at all... Also the rotoscopy thing didn't quite seem amusing here...

Weakest Bakshi film I have seen so far.
I fully agree. Give a look-see to his LOTR and let me know what you think.