How are your DVDs organized?


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Blus and dvds on their own shelves. Organized by genre then alphabetical . Criterions have their own shelf and are organized by spine # again dvd is separate from BR.

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My Criterions had their own shelf until recently when I ran out of room, so now they are the upper half of my bigger shelf, organized alphabetically starting with the new style spines, new style spines boxsets, and then old style spines.

The bottom half of my big shelf is English language films, ordered alphabetically.

My foreign language films are now in the smaller ex-Criterion shelf, with the Asian films on the top row, and then the rest. Ordered alphabetically of course.

My Nicolas Cage movies are on the top of my TV shelving unit, alphabetical.

Oldboy Collector's Edition, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Collector's Edition, Stanley Kubrick box set, Nicolas Cage Collection box set, and Game of Thrones Seasons 1 & 2 blu-rays are all on display in various spots of my TV shelving unit.

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I knew I should have bought a bigger bookcase for my Blu Rays. I could store them 2 abreast, I suppose.

Still alphabetical! And it's March!
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