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So basically I'm a medical student and our university is having a movie night. Everyone is going to bring in a movie about Doctors. So before I bring one in can you guys name your favorite movie about Doctors or provide a list of your favorite doctor movies?

Dr. Joseph Phillips - 4 shots of vodka 1 beer.
Dr. Devin Mei - 7 shots of vodka 2 beers.
Dr. Natalie Rinda - 2 glasses of champagne (to be expected)
Dr. Linda Keating - 4 shots of vodka 2 beers.
Dr. Xiao Chen (Victor) - 11 shots of vodka 3 beers.
Me- 6 shots of vodka and 1 beer.
Dr. Kate Torres - 1 beer (noob)

A Day at the Races
1937, Sam Wood

Young Frankenstein
1974, Mel Brooks

Dead Ringers
1988, David Cronenberg

Drunken Angel - 酔いどれ天使
1948, Akira Kurosawa
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Doctor In Love
Doctor In Clover
Doctor In The House
Doctor In Trouble
Doctor At Large
Doctor At Sea
Carry On Doctor
Carry On Again Doctor
Carry On Nurse
Carry On Matron
Bride Of Frankenstein
Doc Hollywood
Gross Anatomy aka A Cut Above

\m/ Fade To Black \m/
Carry On Doctor
Carry On Again Doctor
Carry On Nurse
Carry On Matron
Patch Adams
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If you would like a couple of older movies that are based on true events, try:

The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944) with Gary Cooper

The Girl in White (1952) the story of Dr. Emily Dunning who was the first female doctor in New York City.

Ditto... love both of those. I also liked Beyond Borders ...
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