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Game Show Host by Night, Secret Agent by day?


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What was the name of the movie in which the main actor was a Game Show host (in USA) by Night and a Secret Agent by day?

In once scene, he is double-crossed by another secret agent, who tries to poison his drink, but he switches the drinks and she gets poisoned instead.

Movie was likley released approx 2001-2004?

Would greatly appreciate your help?

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
2002, George Clooney

The directorial debut of Clooney, it stars Sam Rockwell as Chuck Barris in this Charlie Kaufman adaptation of Barris' "unathorized autobiography" of the same name. Julia Roberts has a cameo as the female agent in the scene you're remembering. Clooney lends on-screen support, as do Drew Barrymore and Rutger Hauer with cameos from the likes of Brad Pitt and Matt Damon as well as a pre-"Arrested Development" fourteen-year-old Michael Cera.

Chuck Barris was a songwriter turned television executive and then host of the infamous '70s program "The Gong Show". According to the book and movie, he was also a covert agent for the Central Intelligence Agency. You can decide for yourself how much of that is "real".

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Thanks Holden!!!
You're an absolute legend!!!