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I’ve never been much of a horror fan but I do love the classic horror movies, and “Nightmare on Elm Street” sits on top of the heap when it comes to classic horror movies. Everyone knows they are rebooting the Elm Street franchise, but we yet to get a good look at what the new Freddy Krueger played by Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach in Watchmen).

We’ve see a teaser poster and a teaser trailer, but now we get a good look thanks to and SlashFilm. The dolls are cartoonish, but the statuette looks kind of cool.

I personally liked the look of the original Krueger with all the burns and scarring, but this is only a detailed statuette. The on-screen version is bound to be more gruesome and horrifying. Let not forget what really makes Freddy truly terrifying and that’s the actor behind the make-up.

Robert Englund played the first Freddy in fantastically gruesome fashion, but if Haley’s turn as Roschach is indicative to the performance he will give as Freddy Krueger; then we should prepare to never sleep peacefully again.

Here some new pics from the movie:


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Those pics arent new at all. The thread for this, which can be found here, has those stills and more including the doll.
I didn't see that other thread when I poster these. From the source that i use these were just released on the internet day before yesterday. The web site you sent me to I didn't find them at all.

Seriously, one of the first horror movies I ever saw as a youngster was the original Nightmare on Elm Street, amazing film. I heard they were remaking it, also heard that England wasn't going to be in it, looked up the trailer... it was alright until Freddy showed up. Sad day, I totally would have taken another Freddy v.s. Jason before a flick without the old guys.

I was under the wrong impression the voice the same as well, or do we know?
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Although I have been looking more into the making of films and what not, if it isn't final now, are they going to do mega cg and have someone else so a v.o.?

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I have to say im excited for this movie
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I enjoy watching horror movies so I need to watch this movie.