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Coyote Ugly

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Check out a review of this recent release at:

Pretty solid review, however It's not totally appropriate for you to simply post a link to your review on these boards. I'll let it go as it may not have occurred to you, but further instances of this will have to be removed I'm afraid.

That said, nice review

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Coyote Ugly was a horrible movie. It was so boring. Thats also because it was a huge chic flick. My friend and I ran out at the end before anyone could see our faces.
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Originally Posted by OG-
Coyote Ugly was a horrible movie. It was so boring. Thats also because it was a huge chic flick. My friend and I ran out at the end before anyone could see our faces.
I have yet to see this horrible movie. It stars the beautiful and sexy Piper Perabo who I finally saw in the Family channel movie, "She gets what she wants." After watching that I guess I'll eventually have to see Coyote Ugly.

This movie pissed me off to no end! Not only was it stupid, but it drew us guys in under false pretenses! The trailer made it out to be a bunch of hot chicks dancing on top of a bar when in reality it was a stupid romantic chick flick! I'm pretty sure laws exist to prevent this kind of bait and switch marketing... I just might have to contact my attorney general!
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i remember renting it when it first was released. that was when i was still in highschool and i didn't work at the video store. it was my birthday, and i was having a couple friends spend the night. we all went to the video store, and the clerk, some overweight, hyper chick was like "OMG you have to see this movie it is SO [email protected][email protected][email protected]!"


Coyote Ugly is an ugly movie. Booya. I don't care who acted in it. Like someone's acting rep. is supposed to give them a type of a-u-t-o-matic level of respect. "Blah, blah, blah, so-and-so was in that one movie and they were awesome and this new movie has them so them must be awesome in there too." Please. What a joke. I have to admit thought, that scene where the guy tries to save that chick from a life of shame by trying to talk her off of the bar, only to end up outside yappin' about how tough his life has been. Wow.... A real emotional turd. Watch North By Northwest and shut your cake-holes.
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I loved the movie! I wanna be a Coyote haha
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