I just saw that there is another review of this movie, but i have already tipped mine up so here's my point of view, also this is my first review


Let me first say that this movie has been getting some very good reviews, so I walked in with very high hopes, my opinion is that the current climate in Hollywood has not been kind to war movies, it might be they think that people are tired of so many years of war, so it’s a subject they tend to avoid unless its antiwar.

On to the review, The hurt locker focuses on a Team of Explosive ordinance disposal personel and how they try to do their job and stay alive for the 40 days remaining in their rotation in Iraq, they have one of the most dangerous jobs of finding and disposing of IED’s and explosive material.

I have to say I was very disappointed with the movie, its not that it’s a bad movie it certainly is better than most modern movies dealing with the war on terror like “Jarhead” and “lions for lambs” and a big part of it was that it refused to focus on political aspects and just presented a “as is” view of what these soldiers have to deal with on a daily basis, but the pacing of the movie is very off, don’t get me wrong the action scenes had me at the edge of my seat especially the ones involving disarming bombs, but the transition from action scenes to were the characters interact with each other felt weird and forced, you could say that the movie is badly edited, the raw building blocks of the movie were there, it had some fantastic scenes but they come together badly, and you thend to get bored and just want another action scene to begin again. A big part of that is that there is no main plot, no big battle, no macguffin, no big bad evil bad guy, its just soldiers doing their job day to day.

The characters, are very good, the lead I have to say is one of the most bad ass and exiting characters I have seen lately, forget about Connor and Dillinger id like to see them disarm a bomb wearing nothing but ACU’s, and the supporting characters do their part well, I specially liked the brief part that Guy Pearce played (yeah he is in the movie). But a big problem Is that I failed to connect with the characters, they talk about their families but you just cant get attached to them and worry about if they are going to make it to the end of the movie.

Visually the movie is fantastic, the slow motion really shows you the damage that the bombs produce, and the audio is stunning no complaints there. It really shows the chaos of having dozens of people looking at you in a crowds and not knowing witch one is going to kill you. If you can you should see it in theaters, unless you have a nice TV set.

Overall it’s a good movie, I said I was disappointed with it but it was just because all the hype the movie was getting, I was expecting it to do for the war on terror what “we were soldiers” did for the Vietnam war, a movie that stopped all the political right and wrong and just focused on how these soldiers risk their lives, and the sacrifices they make. And I can say it’s a step in the right direction. So go see it if you can but just forget about all the hype or you might be disappointed.

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