The People Under The Stairs 2.


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It's been announced. They've chosen some of the cast (no director yet), but, sadly Brandon Adams won't be returning as Fool (or according to IMDB, anyways). A.J. Langer will be returning as Alice, though. Here is the plot (copied and pasted from IMDB):

Alice, now a grown adult has decided to share her story with the world in a tell-all book of her time locked inside the house. The house where there were people under the stairs.

The release date looks to be 2010.

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i need to watch this movie again.. i don't remember any of it. lets hope hollywood has an orginial screenplay for this one

Not being released until 2010?

I hope that Wes Craven returns to direct. I am already hyped up for this and I've just heard about it.

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I don't know whether to be really happy about this or really upset lol. I'm kind of upset Fool (Brandon Adams) might not be returning, as I hear he's retired. I mean, how can you do a sequel without Fool?! Lol.

Wes Craven has to return to direct... though I doubt he will.

Looks unlikely that Wes Craven will return and I do not see how they can make the film without Brandon Adams it is like Rambo without Sylvester Stallone.