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Black and white romance


Hello Salem, my name's Winifred. What's yours
OK saw this a few years ago, no idea who was in it and dont know what decade its in all i know is that its black and white - i think.

A young guy in love with a headlining actress he sees at a city club. He's devoted to her but she wants to get next to a fancy pants guy who's all about money. One night she gets in a fight with the fancy pants guy and he slaps her and she falls down the stairs. She loses the use of her legs and so the hero takes care of her.

I think the hero's name was something like Pinky.

She says she wants to go to the sea and so because he cant afford a car he pushes her wheelchair all the way there.

any ideas so far guys? this has been buggin me for years

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The Big Street (1942)

Henry Fonda / Augustus "Little Pinks" Pinkerton II

Lucille Ball / Gloria Lyons