Recently, I saw the film, Frozen River, at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, just outside Boston.

Frozen River is about a white working-class woman with two young sons, who has been saving up for a new trailer, only to have her gambling-addicted husband grab up the money for himself and his gambling habit, leaving the mother and her sons with basically nothing to live on. Desperate to survive, the woman gets in with a Mohawk Indian woman, who is into smuggling illegal aliens into the United States, and develops common ground with her. Eventually, this practice is stopped by NY State troopers, but the movie leaves one not knowing what happened to everybody in the end.

This is a very good film, which depicts the hardness of survival in a tough environment, especially having to cross a frozen river in order to get to and from the Mohawk reservation that's relatively nearby, and to live from day to day on basically nothing. The fact that the movie is kind of at loose ends and leaves the audience not knowing what happens to the white woman, her sons, and the Mowhawk Indian woman that she ultimately befriends is a little bit unsettling, but that's one of the most, if not t he most interesting aspect of the film, Frozen River.