Butterfly Effect 3


After Dark to Co-Produce Butterfly Effect 3

BenderSpink and FilmEngine announced today that they will produce the third installment of the cult classic The Butterfly Effect with After Dark Films.

The genre banner know for its yearly 8 Films to Die For, headed up by Courtney Solomon, is planning to distribute the second sequel in the franchise through the After Dark Horrorfest. The film marks the third original film created for Horrorfest that After Dark is producing and distributing theatrically. It also signals the theatrical return of the Butterfly series - the second installment was geared direct-to-DVD in 2006.

Principal photography begins this September in Vancouver based on a screenplay by Holly Brix (MTV Films/Paramount's The Lost Girls). Casting is currently underway.

In The Butterfly Effect 3, a young man discovers he has inherited the powers of "The Butterfly Effect" and attempts to solve the mystery of his high school girlfriend's death using his newfound ability, only to unwittingly unleash a vicious serial killer.

Courtney Solomon will executive produce along with company's Laura Ivey and Stephanie Caleb.

"We're taking the Butterfly Effect to a whole new level of insanity," says BenderSpink's Chris Bender. "Holly's script is a tremendous ride and her take on time-travel is one that's truly original. This film will blow audiences away. We're thrilled to bring this franchise back to the big screen through After Dark Films and Horrorfest."

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cool! i loved the previous butterfly effect movies. i'm sure to watch this one too!
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The first one was good: A lot higher budget, way better acting, and a well written script. The second was just the opposite: low budget, ****** acting, and a poorly written script. Hopefully the third one will be considerably better than the second, as it failed horribly in my eyes.

Butterfly Effect 3

(Updated as info is available)

Release Date: November 2008
Studio: After Dark Films
Director: TBA
Screenwriter: Holly Brix
Starring: TBA
MPAA Rating: TBA
Official Website: TBA
Movie Poster: Not Available
Plot Summary: A young man discovers he has inherited the powers of "The Butterfly Effect" and attempts to solve the mystery of his high school girlfriend's death using his newfound ability, only to unwittingly unleash a vicious serial killer.
Trailer: Not Available

I got for good luck my black tooth.
I didn't know there'd been a second one. Was it straight to DVD?
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Butterfly Effect 3

Okay, I knew going in this one was most likely to suck but the original was so good, I just couldn't help myself from watching it. I just HAD to. I did get it for free from the library though as I do most films.

Was it as good as The Butterfly Effect? No way. It wasn't even in the same ball park. I really LOVED that movie.

*le sigh*

Was it as bad as The Butterfly Effect 2? Happily no! It wasn't the complete disaster that film was. The second film was shamefully awful IMO.

What it turned out to be was a horror film, which incidentally, is NOT how I saw Butterfly Effect 1, did you?

It didn't follow the "rules" of the first film that well and really should have been retitled and disassociated with Butterfly Effect to be more honest but, hey, this is the film business.

It had a few twists to it. It was an m'kay horror film. Given a bit more loving attention it might have been quite good.

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I loved the first Butterfly Effect IMO it was a great movie, I watched the second and it wasnt anywhere near how great the first was. Im looking forward to the third even though this is the first I have heard about it LOL. Im interested in seeing how this turns out, from what Bleached said it sounds interesting to see.
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I saw the third... and let me say... its even worst then the second...

I rarely criticize movies.. and even rarely say that a movie was bad... so this one... wast that bad... but a tone o criticism must be heard..

Its depressing, confusing... so confusing.. if the First was nicely confusing, the second not confusing at all... so the third is horribly confusing... more of Thriller-Horror... then a nice... Butterfly Effect movie...

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Can you (or anyone else) tell me a little bit more?
Well the not spoiler synopsis sounds way more butterfly effect than the film actually seems to be, when watching but here it goes . . .

A guy finds out he can time travel (not shown on screen but implied) but it's dangerous to do especially if he goes back to a time he was already in.

In spite of this he does go back to a time he was already in and tries to make changes to save or help loved ones.

Instead of things getting better however, they only get worse and soon the police believe the main character may be a serial killer.


Thanks for the reviews. I saw the original and loved it. I decided not to watch the second for the obvious straight-to-DVD-sequel reasons. And now that I hear the third is bad as well I can just write off all the sequels and enjoy the original.
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