Lord Of The Rings OST


Hello There to all the good ppl!

I wondered if any of you had an idea of where to find the track from the LotR trailer, which apparently is NOT on the OST. As with many other movies (castaway, pearl harbor green mile etc.) promoters found it witty to rip off a sample from other OST's, paste it on the trailer and make you happy about the awesome score the movie will have.
I'm not saying that the aforementioned movies have a bad OST, but it's really frustrating to hear those tracks and not getting them on the main movie. If anyone knows about the music on the green mile trailer, I'd appreciate sharing that with me as well.

Cheers and happy new year to all!

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Hmm, will have to do some looking into that.

In any case, Welcome aboard!!
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I managed to find out who composed the track for the trailer
It's from Christopher Field called "Gothic Power".
Thought I might share it for the common good :P