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A Beautiful Mind

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this movie is about schizophenia, im not saying anymore.
not a bad movie, not a great movie, perfectly mediocre.
the academy will eat this one up and give russle crowe all kinds of nominations.
ron howard starts annoying me with his ircular shot where he just has crowe stand there and the camera moves around him about ten times!
a very interesting movie.
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I thought that this movie was excellent, and I hate to admit it but I cried my eyes out(as did most of the audience). It is difficult to get into the movie, but trust me, don't leave! The only bad thing about the film was that it moved slow at certain parts, but on the whole Russell Crowe was fabulous in the film(his performance in "Gladiator" didn't even compare). Go see this movie, and hopefully you will be as moved as I was!

This was definitely an excellent film. Russell Crowe, Ed Harris and Jennifer Connelly all give absolutely breathtaking performances. The story unfolds at a deliberate pace and is very intriguing and moving. To watch everything unfold and to witness the development of all the characters is really a treat. I would highly recommend that anyone who has yet to see it to go do so. I am of the opinion that Gladiator never should have won the Best Picture Academy Award and that it wasn't Russell Crowe's best performance by a long shot. This is probably his best performance and if this were to win Best Picture than at least out of the ones that are nominated I would feel as if the Academy had made a good choice. The film is really that good. At times it is quite comedic, at times quite suspenseful, at times tragic and disturbing but everything is always done in a very artistic and beautiful way. I would give this film a definite recommendation. It is definitely one of the best films of the year in my opinion.

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i'm looking forward to seeing my yummy mr. Crowe! though yes, i do worry that this one will turn out to be rather mediocre ...

This film far exceeded my expectations. I am neither a Russell Crowe nor a Ron Howard Fan, in fact, I generally loathe Hollywood grist. Not since Forrest Gump have so enjoyed a mainstream movie.

Being bipolar myself, some of the scenes depicting his madness were a bit much, but poignant and well-portrayed. I loved the Charles character---where have I seen that guy before? He was a highlight of the picture, for me.

Having not seen many of the films being bandied about in the Oscar buzz, I cannot rightly say whether or not Crowe should recieve a nod. It was a good performance, however, his less than enthusiastic reciept of the award for 'Gladiator' may work against him. Hollywood does SO love a gushy,Tom-Hanks-like acceptance.

As far as Oscars go, I generally put little stock in them. I would, however, like to see 'Memento' get some recognition, and I will be floored if 'Amelie' doesn't win best foreign film.

My .02

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I thought this movie was good, but nothing special. I liked the element of surprise that builds and then explodes at one point in the film.

To me, Howard was trying too hard to make this a classic of sorts. The way he starts every scene got annoying after a while (Starting the shot on something like a shadow or painting and then panning over to the character; begin dialouge). Don't get me wrong, he did a great job, but doing this technique over and over took away from what could have been a flawless directing job.

My only other rant was whoever did Jennifer Connelly's makeup needs to get fired. Crowe's was great, but Connelly looked like she had two big bags glued to her face with some powder put on top...ick.


I loved this movie. It was so freakin moving. The scene with the wife and Mr. Nash in the bed when she comes on to him and then screams in the bedroom cause he isn't turned on. That is up there with some of the most moving husband wife scenes ive ever seen. Then the way in which he deals with his problem and all of the obsticles that arise is just so moving. What an exciting movie too. Ed Harris knows how to play a crazy US agent. I loved this freakin movie. Best male performance of the year by Crowe!

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Hi budz,
Hey, I thought it was a really good film. Sad though. I understand that they showed the script to Nash and his
wife and although it was not exactly all true, they said
it was okay. I felt sorry for them both.
Does anyone know if the pen thing they did really happens.
(Not having been to Princeton myself, you understand?) My
friend Nancy wants to know.
Tough having to ignore your imaginary best and only
friend for the rest ofyour life. huh!


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Saw this the other day and really liked it. Russell Crowe totally blew me away. He puts on an amazing performance that I didn't even know he was capable of. Harris and Connelly are also great. The acting in the movie is much better than the movie I thought, if that makes any sense. Also I think the technique in here is similar to the Vanilla Sky movie except it doesn't come off so cheaply and annoying. A Beautiful Mind takes you way down the road in one direction and then lets you in on the big secret but it's actually believable and realistic unlike Vanilla Sky. Cool flick!

i just figured his out the ther dy, i went to see this movie again and liked it, still not that muh, but thought it was damn good. i think the problem b4 was that i saw LOTr and this the same day and LOTR was clearly a better movie.

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I thought it was pretty good. Crowe did perform amazingly. I was shocked by the performance he gave, but to say the movie moved me....... don't think so.

I'd recommend it to anyone though.
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It exceeded my expectations, I liked it alot and actually thought it moved fairly quickly. Months and years go by like that, I was never bored.

Crowe did an amazing job.

Gladiator should have never won best picture, it was just a slow year.
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Aspen, you're right: "Gladiator should have never won best picture, it was just a slow year." Although Crowe was really buff & beautiful -- and if you were in theright mode, it made you think about how invincible the human spirit is . . . but he was soooo great in The Insider that everybody got pushed over on the whole subject of him.

Anyway. I'm glad somebody else liked it besides me.

Utter tripe. Turgid and melodramatic the whole way through.....the writing was heartbreakingly predictable, and all the actors did a great job delivering it in perfectly wooden, predictable tones.

Crowe did not convince me at all that he was schizophrenic; he convinced me that he was acting and playing a person who was supposed to be schizophrenic. Why did these people waste their time making this movie? It bored me half to death. The only good thing about this movie was the fact that I had planned to go straight to bed after watching it, and it made getting to sleep 3x as easy.
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I'm bringing back another thread from the dead, just because I watched this again recently. This is easily in my top 10 of all-time and I think Russell Crowe did an absolutely fantastic job. The rest of the cast was great as well. I don't really understand why so many people think it is overrated just because it won best picture. I think it's fantastic as it is such a moving story.

I've only seen this once, soon after it came out, but I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the film and really didn't 'get' what everyone else was seeing.

I've only seen this once, soon after it came out, but I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the film and really didn't 'get' what everyone else was seeing.

Agreed. I thought it was good, but certainly not award worthy. It didn't stay with me the way it probably should have. Crowe gave his all, but I agree with Sullivan in that he just doesn't convince as that sort of character. Not sure if it's the accent but it definitely confirmed that Crowe doesn't play sensitive very well..

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I didn't think he was supposed to be sensitive. Someone who lives so far inside themselves could only be superficially sensitive, and I think that's the way it was written and played.
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I didn't think he was supposed to be sensitive either. The fact that he did meet Mr. Nash during the filming I think helped out a lot with the part as well. They also shot the movie in order, so he could easily adapt his "mind" with how the story was laying out. I think it was a brilliant idea and that it worked out well.

I think he was supposed to be somewhat sensitive. It's been awhile since i've seen the film, but were there not moments where he would overeact to even minor things like his college mates making fun of him?