Best and Worst DVD Cover Art


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The movie was so-so, but the 3D Holographic cover for "Day of the Dead" was pretty cool in my book.

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No, it's not.

Anyway, I believe I have a new nominee for "worst DVD cover I've ever seen" - went through my collection recently and I would like to nominate a badly-done cover for what is actually one of my favourite movies...The Warriors.

This is the film's original poster, which fits into the brilliant "hand-drawn" mold...

Compare it to the Ultimate Director's Cut cover, which is a stock photo that has been very badly Photoshopped onto a graffiti background. It's a very minor improvement over the film's original DVD release, which also looks like ass.

For comparison's sake, here's the original....

That's ever-so-slightly worse.
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Let's try to be broad-minded about this
i really really miss when they used to have painted movie covers this one is my all time favorite

more of the best...well not the best just some of my favs

This is an example of disembodied heads gone right

and here's just some badass posters and what not

I agree with Holds and whomever else has praised Criterion for it's cover art, I think they've set a whole new standard in that department. My two favorites thus far have been Brazil and Days of heaven...until I saw the cover for Dreyer's Vampyr (which is what prompted me to search for this thread). I see it's already been posted here, but it wouldn't hurt to see it again...

I've actually never seen a single film by this man, but that cover alone made me want to watch them all. Now that's what I call good marketing.

I have always hated the Silence of the Lambs poster.


And what does that have to do with this thread?
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Horrible movie...but gorgeous artwork nonetheless

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I think these are stunning,

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Then why not just look at the real poster art wearing these?

I shall give it a go, cheers Holden

Even though I love the original poster/VHS/DVD art I do love the Red and Blue boxset's. IMO they are very nice

Pretty well any DVD cover from The Criterion Collection is of great quality.
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