How big is your DVD collection?


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I have 2 DVD'S Batman Begins and The Dark knight
Just moved into my new house so new DVD collection and home theater set up!

1,000 or more, DVDs and Blu-rays. Although, people are telling me I could have 100,000 on an external hard drive and I wouldn't have had to pay a penny for anything except the external hard drive.

I started collecting in May so I have only got around 60 dvds (movies) and then I've got some tv-series.
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I see this is a really old thread but it's still going.

I have a little over 721. I keep them organized Alphabetically. I use a barcode scanner and a database/web app I built so that if something gets out of line, I know exactly what's missing and more importantly, I can figure out if I already have a certain DVD. Everyone here with over 100 has been at the store and saw a good deal, bought it, went home and said "oh crap! Well looks like I have 2 copies of...". With my web app, I can check my DVD collection from my iPhone and see if I have it to prevent that.

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I own about 30-35ish. It’s kind of unnecessary with such a small collection but I’m a bit of neatness freak so I like to organize them by separating the animated movies from the live action then sorting them by genre; EG musical, fantasy, romance, action, drama and so on.
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I like to say my collection is more quality not quanity at the moment. I have 31 DVD/Blu Rays.

Right now I have 14 Blu-ray's and 20 DVD's. I'd have a lot more but I'm also a gamer (although that's taking a backseat right now) so I don't buy them as often because games are more expensive. That said, there aren't a lot of games I want right now and I haven't even played in a while, so I'm probably gonna work on getting more for the next few months.