Night of the Living Dead again?


It's amazing how this unorthodox remake slipped through my fingers. When I was thirteen, I won the title of number one Dawn of the Dead fan in NY state at a convention in NYC. I never imagined they would make ANOTHER remake of NOTLD and never imagined it would escape my attention until it was finished.

Make no mistake about it ladies and Gents. This is the same thing as the Dawn of the Dead remake was. It's just another calculated move from Hollywood to invest in something of popularity for a shoe-in attempt to plainly just make money. I personally think this is preposterous. Seriously, are they going to turn Romero's movies into the Dracula franchise? Just keep making them? There was nothing wrong with the remake with Tony todd and Patricia Tallman. I break it down like this. IMO the original NOTLD is scarier than the remake but the remake is an all around better horror movie. You will watch the remake more times than the original not because the original is old or too scary but simply because the remake is a better movie. I don't think the remake gets enough credit from critics. As for this one, it just makes me angry they're going to remake a movie that was remade seventeen years ago with actors that are still popular and recognizable today. It used to be when I was growing up that remakes were only made from movies that were Black and white, usually Post-WW2 movies. Now, they'll make a movie over again if there's any chance it will make money. I feel sorry for George. I didn't like his fourth one but it's not right what they're doing. ::sigh:: I think it's time for another cigarette.
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Are you referring to the one in 3-D????? If so, I got a review in my thread, located in my sig.

IF not, got any links???

FTR- The Dawn remake was great.
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ugh, what can I say, I'm skeptical.