some sketches towards a film notebook

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Hope this thread doesn't break any rules.
I put this up thinking I would do reviews, but then wavered. I find that a lot of times I review things in response to other people or whole threads, so having my own review thread kind of works against that purpose. So here's where it stands for now, I'll use it to link to my various wordy, single-movie related posts around the site, but in the future I may do something more with it. I'd also like to keep comments going to threads that I link to.

American History X
The Blade
The Prestige

Nice idea for a personal thread you got. I found that when i'd inadvertantly reviewed a film in a thread, or made a review worthy post i just copied and pasted them into my thread. Don't know if that floats your boat but i've enjoyed reading a lot of your posts so would be cool to read your reviews and these posts in a single thread.

(Delete this if i wasn't meant to post here).

No that's fine, and thanks for the thread-related feedback. Sometimes I make review-length comments in threads where they can't really sustain much discussion (like in the Movie Tab). For stuff like that it might not be a bad idea to copy-paste the entire comment to here, so I'll consider that. I've just been thinking, if there's already a thread where my review fits and adds to the already existing discussion, why divert traffic to here? That's all I meant about responding in the linked-to threads. Of course anything I actually write here is fair game.

Also, I guess I'm a pretty vain MoFo and just like the idea of keeping an index of posts that I'm proud of/put some time into.

Put me in your pocket...
I've always enjoyed reading your opinons and what you have to say about movies...and since I'm not here as much as I use to be (and not reading through the forums like I used to) it's nice to see your comments in one place. Sort of a one stop shop...and it's great to see you posting more. I'll make sure to pop back in here to read more of your reviews.