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My Raging Bull Review

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Raging Bull- 1980
Directed By: Martin Scorcese

Martin Scorcese's 1980 visual masterpiece, Raging Bull, follows the hard and enigmatic life of the famous boxer Jake Lamotta, otherwise known as the Bronx Bull. We witness, what many already know, LaMotta's volatile and self-destructive lifestyle from the rise and fall and we witness this ever so smoothly.

Scorcese displays this rise and fall of LaMotta's life and career so smoothly and brilliantly that we feel that, at times, we are with LaMotta himself. We see the paranoia that he wallows in, his animal and self-destructive ways, and his clueless and ridiculous actions from start to finish, all so wonderfully displayed. The character development of Jake LaMotta is some of the best I have ever seen because of its clarity and smooth order. The audience witnesses this downfall with a brick in their stomache, or atleast I did. It is so heartwrenching to see the early LaMotta transfigure into the late one. It is almost upsetting.

Not only is the portrayal and execution of LaMotta's character so great, but also the acting. Robert DeNiro plays LaMotta from start to end perfectly and even gained 60 pounds to make the later LaMotta come to life. DeNiro delivers a kockout performance that is easily one of his best. He delivers each line, each movement, and each expression with perfection. Supporting roles played by Joe Pesci as LaMotta's younger brother/manager and Cathy Moriarty as LaMotta's wife Vickie are wonderful and help fuel the film to its highest peak and help bring the characters to life.

Always synonomous with Martin Scorcese is the prase great filming. Scorcese's filming in Raging Bull is, simply put, visually stunning. I honestly can't find the words to express how great Scorcese films Raging Bull. It is filming it its highest ultimatum and it is drop-dead gorgeous. The boxing (especially the Sugar Ray Robinson scenes), the fighting, the arguments, and the subtle scenes are all gorgeous and has visual flare. The black and white also makes this film better. Not only are there great scenes but great dialogue. Each line is well-delivered and well crafted for excellence. The argument scenes are well written with quick lines back and forth that really illustrate the situation.

WARNING: "" spoilers below
One of the most beautiful and moving scenes from the film is when at the very end when LaMotta is about to go on stage to perform a stand up comedy routine and he is in his dressing room. He is sitting their, talking to himself with phrases that remind him of his boxing days. He gets up and imitates himself in the boxing ring, throwing punches in the air, remembering his good ol' days, and he seems so happy and joyful. This scene makes the audience realize that Jake, through all the torment and slumps, is happy about who he is, a stand-up comedian.

And soundtrack lovers, feast your ears on one helluva score. The music is great and is all orchaestral.

I found it so hard to find any flaws in this film. Everything was perfect and easily one of Scorcese's and DeNiro's best. I recommend this movie to any film lover, boxing fan or not. So, in turn, I give this movie 5 stars.

5 out of 5

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Raging Bull is a masterpiece among masterpieces.

It's a biopic that is faithful to the true and epic story that it is.

It's the closest thing to the grand drama of Eugene O'Neill we will ever see in American cinema; in this case, LaMotta is The Hairy Ape.
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Solid review This is an amazing film and is a classic among classics. The character development was so important and it made the audience care about his self-destructive tendencies, which you identified well. There are so many things to love about this movie but i won't get into it because you already have. But to other mofo's who haven't seen this movie, see it......just do it now!!!

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Perfect. I couldn't have said it better myself.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

i loved that movie on the best bit at the end of it is when they interview the real jake lamatto not exact but here goes " i ask my ex wife if i was really that bad she said jake you were worse" man i love that movie they should have made it in colour tho

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It makes me so sad to hear that people don't fall in love with this film... I have seen it, and cannot really understand how that is possible.

Thanks for the feedback! This is easily one of the greatest movies of all time and one of my favorites so I knew I had to write a good review for it.

I'll be watching this movie soon. I really need to catch up on the times. I've never seen this, and I just watched Rocky for the first time

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