Inland Empire


The Fat of the Mailbox
A new David Lyunch movie, I can't wait.
Oh and speaking of Lynch, how many of you think this is him;
I have my doubts.

there's a frog in my snake oil
Untruths! Lynch is a 'Vedic Yogic Flyer', not a 'Christian - Other'. The fools!

New Lynchness is all good. I do hope Inland Empire doesn't turn out to be about the IRS tho (and their insistence on not flying)
Virtual Reality chatter on a movie site? Got endless amounts of it here. Reviews over here

The Fat of the Mailbox
Vedic Yogic Flyer- cool. You learn something new everyday.

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District B13
This'll be my first David Lynch theater experience. I will bring all of my friends to see it.

I'm really quite happy. I thought Eraserhead was crazy and I'm eager to see what else Lynchman can do.